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Extrusion Process Variations

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Extrusion Process Variations Many of the extrusion process machines are capable of manufacturing a great variety 0f blown products through the use of optional equipment and cleverly designed molds, as shown in the following discussion. [...]


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PLASTIC BLOW MOLDING PROCESSES Many commercially available processes and machines are used for plastic blow molding; each one has its advantages and limitations, as indicated in the descriptions which follow. The mold design for any [...]

function of a mold

By |2016-03-23T09:36:50+00:00March 27th, 2016|function of a mold|

The primary function of a mold is to shape the finished product. In order to do this it must have some means of introducing the plastics material to be formed; it must have some means [...]

neck insert-2

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neck insert making The mold body is usually the portion that carries some means of maintaining alignment of the mold halves, A minimum of two sets of hardened dowel pins and bushings can be used [...]

neck insert-1

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neck insert In most cases, inserted pieces are designed for the neck and base areas of the mold as noted previously. The neck insert cavity component is a replica of the finished product in the [...]

Extra Requirement for Molds

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Additional Requirement for Molds (1) Pressure air. Some molds require air pressure for their operation. In general, the designer should be aware that compressed air, especially in large volumes, can be very expensive, especially if it is [...]

Productivity Features

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Productivity Features (1) Shot size (mass per shot). The total calculated or estimated shot size, that is, the total mass (weight) of the products coming from all cavities, plus the mass of the runner system [...]

injection molding machine

By |2016-05-14T08:19:47+00:00March 24th, 2016|injection molding|

The two halves of an injection mold are bolted in place to the stationary and movable die plates. Most injection machines operate in a horizontal position. The injection press makes use of two hydraulic cylinders,and [...]

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