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injection molding design

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The principal method by which polymer or plastics material is converted into useful products is by moulding, usually under heat and pressure, in a hollow mould or die. The material takes the shape of the [...]

Stretch Blow Process

By |2016-05-14T08:05:13+00:00April 3rd, 2016|plastic mold, Stretch Blow Process|

The stretch-blow process is used to manufacture plastic containers which generally are lighter in weight and have greater clarity and improved physical Properties,compared to containers manufactured by other blow-molding Processes. In stretch-blow molding, the container [...]

neck insert-2

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neck insert making The mold body is usually the portion that carries some means of maintaining alignment of the mold halves, A minimum of two sets of hardened dowel pins and bushings can be used [...]

neck insert-1

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neck insert In most cases, inserted pieces are designed for the neck and base areas of the mold as noted previously. The neck insert cavity component is a replica of the finished product in the [...]

cost of plastic mold

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Injection molds are made by a highly varied number of processes and combinations thereof. Figure 2.1 demonstrates the relative costs for cavities made from various materials. Accordingly, steel cavities appear to be many times more [...]